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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why be an entrepreneur??

Quick post on the pros of being an entrepreneur:

1) Create things you love

Not everybody gets into business because they love what they do. Just the successful ones.

It is your love for what you do that will give you inspiration to get up every morning, provide you with enlightening ideas to build and grow your business and help you persevere through the hard patches.

Moreover, people are far more supportive of people that are visibly passionate about their business. These people don't 'sell' their product or service. They simple share something brilliant with the world.

2) Serve your values

How many of you are frustrated about limits on the way 'business is done around the place'? As long as you are working for someone else, you are going to be working for a business that has a different set of values to you, and this translates in how things are run. For example, if the business is always cutting costs on customer service, and you believe customers come first, it will be a constant cause of friction which will be impossible to change.

Working for yourself provides a wonderful opportunity to right the 'wrongs' of your chosen industry as you see them, and paint a bit of the world with your own colour.

N.B. Dr John DeMartini is an excellent, life-changing international speaker on value systems and how they serve your life. His work is an absolute must read for anyone who intends to have a good life.

3) Live happy

If you do what you love, every day is an opportunity to grow, create and prosper. This doesn't mean filling in each invoice with a crazy grin on your face. This means seeing the seeds of happiness and contentment in everything you do. Even doing those boring daily tasks or dealing with difficult people becomes more manageable if you realise that all of this is serving your dream of creating more of what you love.

There is no 'good' or 'bad' - only how you see things. Being an entrepreneur, and being a boss of yourself, your time, money and attention, and committing yourself to what you truly LOVE can lead to nothing but abundance.

Why wouldn't you want to be an entrepreneur?!

- Victoria

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