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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tweet tweet: the Twitter guide to awesome marketing

It may be time-consuming, a little overwhelming and, potentially, superficial, but the impact of social networking has revolutionized ways of doing business as the introduction of mobile phones did in the '80s. Like it or not, no one can deny the growing power of Twitter followers, Blog readers and Facebook fans, and yes, you can follow STOC tee shirts on all three

One of the most popular social and business networks of our time, Twitter is an international communication phenomenon. And what is marketing if not effective communication? We at @STOClothing have shared and learnt from thousands of other Tweeters, about everything from famous quotes to Victoria’s Secret! So what’s behind the Twitter addiction and what makes it such a success?

Here are my Top 10 marketing tips from Twitter that are really worth following:

1) A little birdy told me…
You’ve heard it before: word of mouth is the king of marketing. The key to this concept is trust: people are more likely to buy from businesses that their friends or contacts have already ‘vetted’ for them. So, get as many ‘refer a friend’ programs and bonuses as you can afford, get your customers to join your social networks and share them with their contacts, and run deals, promotions and offers to get your customers to spread the word, then watch your customers do your marketing for you!

2) Kiss, kiss, kiss
At the risk of disappointing you, KISS actually stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. No matter what you talk about, Twitter gives you all of 140 characters to do it. In our time-poor, attention-short universe, this is what makes Twitter such a success. The lesson is: keep it relevant, keep it quick. What’s your message? Your focus? What end result are you going for? If you haven’t got their tails wagging in 3 sentences, you are not going to get them at all.

3) Make your move
How do you get a Twitter follower? Follow them first! Twitter is bringing reciprocal relationships back into fashion. For others to take an interest in you, you have to take an interest in them first. It’s simple, easy and makes you look generous. In business, make a phone call to complementary businesses and suggest reciprocal marketing relationships. You never know, so go on and make the first move!

4) Build your network
It’s surprising who or what is going to prove useful in your business. So you might as well put it out there and show interest in as many relevant businesses, individuals and ideas as you care to research. Networking is essentially about expanding connections, so don’t worry about specifics. Link yourself with interesting individuals and see where it will take you.

5) Sum it up
Focus on what is important. How would you reduce your business to a one sentence summary? Some people are so wrapped up in the idea of their business, they forget what it is they are actually offering customers. Have a clear sense of what you do, who you are, and how people should contact you. How would you describe what you have to offer in one sentence? Keeping things clear and simple is a key to successful marketing.

6) Tweet away
Have you got an interesting view, opinion, or something you want to share with the world? Then tweet about it, put it in your newsletter or make a quick comment about it to your clients. Communication is not just about dry information exchange – nor is it about polluting the email traffic with comments about the weekend’ kite festival. However, a bit of personality and a sound bite about something other than last month’s sales figures for the inner west, might well be a welcome addition when it comes to talking business.

7)  What’s new?
When we think about business, we often think about reacting to what’s happened in the last quarter, or thinking about the next… what about now? The most relevant and exciting developments are the ones that are going on right now. These are the things that will affect, change, and define the business. So, buddy, what’s new? And are you telling your customers about it?

8) Stay regular
Like every relationship, the relationship you have with your customers requires maintenance with plenty of attention and care. It takes more than an occasional blurb about the weather to keep customers interested. Communicate simple, valuable and content-rich information to your customers through newsletters, web updates, direct emails, letters, bonus coupons, gifts, phone calls and other ways you can think of to make them feel valued, appreciated – and loyal.

9) Prepare to be surprised
The World Wide Web is an information playground where you can stumble upon anything you can – and cannot - imagine. Browse around and see what you can find – it may well prove useful. At the same time, don’t be afraid to put out content of personal and professional interest that may not be directly relevant to your business, and you never know who may be looking! Fishing enthusiasts need IT contracts, too.

10) Tweeting to yourself
One of the most under-rated advantages of social networking is the thought you have to put into it first. You have to define yourself, you have to share interesting and valuable information about your work, you have to communicate and take an interest in others, and you have to research about what is happening in the industry and in your work at large. This self-definition and self-analysis can yield enormous benefits as far as maintaining your focus in business goes. Marketing to others is about understanding yourself and your business first and that, perhaps, is the greatest exercise of social media.

Hope you found this helpful!
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Farewell, friends

Victoria A.

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  1. That makes so much sense! You put it all so simple and I never really thought of it in that way, follow other people first and if you can't grab the person's attention in 3 sentences then you can't grab them at all!

    So true!!